Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you talking about romantic or platonic connections?

When you sign up, you indicate if you're open to romantic and/or platonic connections, and we only show you people who fit your criteria.

2. Are you LGBTq+ friendly?

Hard yes! We make sure that you are seeing profiles of people that have already said they are interested in making connections with people like you. If you have questions or suggestions of how this should work, email

3. IS this for fiction or non-fiction content?

Yes! The app will learn your tastes and suggest things it thinks you'll like. No genre is any more or less welcome than any other. If you're not seeing your tastes represented in our screenshots, don't be discouraged!

4. What if I don't think having the same tastes is a good predictor of chemistry?

No worries! It's much less about exactly what people like, and more about seeing how their brains work, and having many different contexts within which to see that person's personality in action from many different angles. 

5. When do you launch?

Our current launch date is set for summer 2021. If you would like to join the team or collaborate with us, just send an email!

6. Where do you launch?

We are located in Boston, MA, so that is the first city we will be concentrating on. Depending on where there is the most interest we will decide where to go next!